Mississippi Manufacturers Association Names John McKay President and CEO

July 30, 2019

The Executive Committee of the Mississippi Manufacturers Association (MMA) is pleased to announce that they have selected John H. McKay as the new President and CEO of the MMA. John will act as the interim President and CEO until October, at which time he will be confirmed as the full-time President and CEO by the MMA Board of Directors. 

"We are excited about John assuming the position of President and CEO," said Andrew Mallinson, this year's MMA Chairman, and CEO of Multicraft in Pelahatchie. "John has helped to pass several legislative initiatives that have improved the operating conditions of our members. He has solid administrative skills and will do a fine job as our new President and CEO."

John has worked for the MMA for 11 years as the Executive Vice President and the Deputy Director of Government Affairs. John has helped to evaluate, prepare and support legislation that impacts taxes, workforce development, environmental regulations and transportation. In addition, he has had daily supervisory responsibility for the membership, government affairs and communication activities of the association. Before he joined the MMA, John was the ICMA Management Fellow with the Sarasota County Government in Sarasota, Florida, where he supported a variety of county initiatives including public works, budget preparation, communications and financial analytics. 

John holds a bachelor of arts from the University of Mississippi with a concentration in Political Science and English, and he has a Master of Public Administration degree from the College of Charleston, in Charleston, South Carolina. John is also a graduate of the University of Oklahoma's Economic Development Institute located in Norman, Oklahoma. 

John is married to the former Kasey Crumbley from Brandon. They have three daughters, Cella (11), Edie (9) and Holland (6).

Jay C. Moon, MMA's current President and CEO will assume a new position of Senior Policy Consultant with the MMA.

Update from Jay C. Moon, MMA President and CEO

The Executive Committee of the Mississippi Manufacturers Association (MMA) announced July 30 that John McKay has been appointed as the interim President and CEO of the MMA. I congratulate John. We have confidence in John's ability to successfully lead this association. 
A few years ago, I asked John to be my deputy with the idea that he would follow me as the next President and CEO. I recently decided that it was time for John to move into that position, and the Executive Committee concurred. However, I am not retiring. With John assuming the position of President and CEO, my focus, as Senior Policy Consultant, will enable me to address those critical issues facing our members. This will include workforce development, legislation and policy formulation.
I look forward to continuing my association with each of you. With this change in our operating structure, I know John and I can count on your thoughts and ideas as we continue to strengthen our state's important manufacturing community.