Jay Moon
President and CEO
Office: (601) 292-1112
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John McKay
Executive Vice President
Office: (601) 292-1119
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Stacey Smith
Administrative Assistant
Office: (601) 292-1113
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Debra Stumpf
Director of Administration
Office: (601) 292-1114
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Anna Thorn
Director of Communication
Office: (601) 709-2405
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Government Affairs

John Baas
Director of Government Affairs
Office: (601) 292-1118
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Kelly Wright
Deputy Director of Government Affairs
Office: (601) 292-1117
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Group Insurance Trust

Kathi Brooks
Director of Marketing
Office: (601) 292-1123
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Don Bruce
Director of Group Insurance
Office: (601) 292-1124
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Membership Services

Shannon Hillman
Marketing and Membership Manager
Office: (601) 292-1127
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Barbara Hopkins
Membership and Educational Services Coordinator
Office: (601) 292-1125
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Jim Stringer
Director of Membership
Office: (601) 292-1126
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Insurance Services

Renee Johnson
Sales Director
Office: (601) 573-3636
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Melissa Saxton
Program Coordinator of MMA Insurance Services
Office: (601) 292-1120
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Foster Welburn
Director of MMA Insurance Services
Office: (601) 292-1121
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Manufacturing Extension Partnership

John Tice
Director of MMA Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Office: (601) 709-2921
Joe Jordan
Innovation Practice Manager
Office: (601) 709-2924
Carolyn Miller
Business Operations Manager
Office: (601) 709-2923